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Top Ten Energy Truths

Mark Mills‘ latest episode of his podcast is titled “Congress & the “Groungbreaking” Energy Spending Act: Top 10 Truths to Keep in Mind.” Long title but trust me, Mark knows energy very well and he tries to keep ideological brainwashing out of it. I’ll briefly cover the Top 10 Truths which Mark covers in The Last Optimist #20, but I think you should definitely give it a listen.

Top 10 Truths:

  1. Energy transformations are historically slow
  2. Economic growth creates demand for more energy
  3. Shale technology is histories biggest energy revolution
  4. Green energy is not carbon free
  5. Energy tech can not emulate the digital tech performance curve
  6. Energy transition hardware radically increases the demand for minerals
  7. Energy transition policies are inflationary
  8. Green energy is not cheap
  9. China is the OPEC of green energy minerals
  10. Consumers want reliable and cheap energy

Link to the podcast is here and below:

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