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To provide investors with a unique lens on the mining and energy extractive resource sectors, with the mission of successfully allocating capital throughout the commodity and CAPEX business cycle.

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TheCoalTrader’s Newsletter provides daily commentary, positioning, and portfolio performance updates. Subscribers can follow along and see how an industry expert allocates capital through the ups and downs of the commodity cycle.

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TheCoalTrader Newsletter includes company and special situation deep dives which aid in the readers knowledge and learning of industry intricacies, and provides an edge in resource investing.

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TheCoalTrader’s Newsletter provides periodic forecasts for industry specific trends, including spot pricing and forward curves, supply/demand fundamentals, and much more.


"The Coal Trader"

Semi-Anonymous Analyst

I am a Mining & Minerals Analyst with over 17 years of broad based international and multi-commodity experience evaluating and developing natural resources, analyzing commodity markets, and forecasting macroeconomic trends. My passion intersects where extractive resources meet financial markets.

I have real world – “boots on the ground” experience in the mining and energy sectors throughout the US and abroad: Mexico, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, and South America.

I will never discuss companies I’m involved with professionally on this newsletter. This is not financial advice, please seek the aid of a financial advisor before investing in any markets or companies I discuss in this newsletter.


Looking for a Financial Analyst

Interested in the Resources Sector?

The Coal Trader is currently looking for a financial analyst to help model and curate coal, mining and energy related content. Must be detail oriented and know your way around a financial model.

This is a terrific opportunity for anyone interested in stock and commodity investing and trading. You will help me model resource stock fundamentals and I will mentor you in financial modeling and capital allocation, and help develop your own trading chops.

This is a part time role, perhaps 15 hours of modeling work per week, plus extra time spent discussing extractive resources and investing/trading opportunities.