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The PRB & US Power Plant Retirements

I’ve been hearing about US power plant retirements in the pipeline and although I knew it would hit the Powder River Basin (PRB) the hardest.

Coal Mining Chinese coal

China’s Coal-Fired Future

It’s important to think about Chinese policy and ask ourselves why their actions don’t quite line up with their rhetoric.

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Jittery LNG & Natural Gas Markets

European natural gas prices experienced the largest jump since March of the previous year due to concerns over potential supply disruptions.

Richards Bay Coal Terminal

Thoughts on Thermal Coal

European coal price have found a footing in the $110-120/mt range as natural gas supply sees uncertainty in absence of Russian flows.

Inflation Fears

Much Worse than the 1970’s

Inflation much worse than the 1970’s. Niall Ferguson outlines the comparison from the 1970’s and says it could be worse this time around.