The Coal Trader


Tools & Resources

The following links provide some tools and resources to help you navigate the coal, mining and resources sector.

Tools & Resources

In order to use all the Coal News articles, you may need to install this Bypass Paywall Chrome Extension from GitLab.

Refer to the link here and follow the instructions in the image above. Do it once and bypass paywalls forever.

From S&P Global

These coal specs are a good resource to have in your back pocket when comparing coal quality specifications for a published index to a particular mine or source.

Refer to the link here.

Knowlege is Power has an awesome coal conversion calculator and formula sheet, refer here.

Use this to convert Btu/lb to kcal/kg or to switch coal quality moisture basis.

Refer to the link here for an interactive map showing an extensive database of operating and proposed coal mines all over the world.