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Energy Transition Delusion

Chris Wright, CEO of Liberty Resources, was on Bloomberg the other day and I doubt they’ll ever have him on again. He was speaking way too much truth to a Bloomberg audience expecting to hear about how the energy transition is going, only to hear the fact “…We’re not in the middle of an energy transition.”

You can watch the video below (or view the source here):

If you want to read a comprehensive analysis of the “Energy Transition,” I highly recommend The Manhattan Institute’s report titled The “Energy Transition” Delusion: A Reality Reset, authored by Mark P. Mills.

In the executive summary, Mark summarizes the lessons of the recent decade:

“Two decades of aspirational policies and trillions of dollars in spending, most of it on solar, wind, and battery tech, have not yielded an “energy transition” that eliminates hydrocarbons. Regardless of climate-inspired motivations, it is a dangerous delusion to believe that spending yet more, and more quickly, will do so. The lessons of the recent decade make it clear that SWB technologies cannot be surged in times of need, are neither inherently “clean” nor even independent of hydrocarbons, and are not cheap.”

The report is linked here, and below: