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Could the Political Winds be Shifting?

I’ve said it before and I maintain the following opinion: The number one constraint to incremental energy supply is politics.

I therefore habitually keep my thumb in the air to gauge whether the political winds are shifting or not. The Western world is currently saddled with a crop of “leaders” which were voted into power with the intent of managing social issues and shaping societal norms. However, since the Russian/Ukraine conflict most populations are, or soon will be, waking up to the idea there is more to state power than managing social issues and virtue signalling. Hard power and the ability to maintain economic coherence is a much more important role for government. The next batch of leaders will be voted into power to maintain society’s standard of living as opposed to shaping society for some utopian socialist dream.

I’m starting to see signs of these political winds changing. For example, in the UK, Tory leader Liz Truss is apparently running on a platform of energy abundance, brought to you by fossil fuels!

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