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The Eucalyptus Paradox – Mining Metals Supply Chain

The Eucalyptus Paradox is a term coined by the eponymous Koala, which explains the paradox in which society has decided on the goals of “net zero” and the “energy transition” and the “electric vehicle revolution” but it’s generally unwilling to do any of the big capital investment in the raw materials required for those goals, or even acknowledge the raw material supply chain realities associated.

The Koala explains this paradox on a long form episode of Mining Stock Daily with Trevor Hall, you can listen to at the link here.

The Koala and Trevor cover the status of the junior metal mining industry, and the numerous constraints to growing supply anywhere close to the orders of magnitude required for the lofty net zero aspirations society is fixated on. If you’re interested in learning about the mining metals supply chain from a pro who knows what he’s talking about, I highly recommend this episode. I also recommend the Koala’s substack, linked here.