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German Energy Apocalypse Update

Herewith an article by eugyppius providing an update with some key references to the “German Energy Apocalypse.” I thought it was an interesting read on the situation from from a German national’s perspective.

The author concludes with the following: “What awaits us, as a consequence of this multidimensional folly, is another winter of economic destruction: Our lockdown-battered economy will face serious contraction as industrial production plummets, many Germans will have problems heating their homes, and municipalities will be forced to curtail basic services like outdoor lighting. But, at least we’re hurting Vladimir Putin, somehow.”

You can read the article and/or the eugyppius substack which I recommend here, or the link below.

It appears the German citizenry is beginning to second guess the overall energy plan, at least from a political standpoint. There is a growing risk of Europe fracturing in the face of the energy crisis this winter.