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Coal Mining Arch Resource (ARCH)

Arch News Update

Arch released a Q3 update, revised guidance lower, and announced their Q3 earnings call, scheduled to take place October 26 at 10am.

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Teck Haul Truck

Fog of M&A

Met names got a lift yesterday with an update of the B Riley price deck and flow through share price target upgrades.

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Riff on Markets

I’m working on a long-form post on Chinese energy policy which is not quite ready for the printing press. I’m therefore going to riff a little on markets here.

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Met Producer Forecasts

Now that I’ve wrapped up the forecasts for the US met producers, I figured I would share it here so that we can compare and contrast.

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Coal Mining Coal Markets Chinese Steel

Met Market Update

Why is met rallying? Supply has become incrementally tighter and demand coming out of the summer doldrums is picking up again.

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