The Coal Trader

Shaanxi summons major miners for safety alert

Shaanxi, one of the top three coal-producing bases in China, summoned major miners in the province in an effort to ensure mining safety for the last two months of the year.

At a meeting with representatives of 26 major coal mines and eight associated parent companies on October 27, The the provincial emergency management department outlined critical safety concerns and necessary measures to ensure safe production in November and December.

Learning lessons from coal mine accidents in October and viewing continued instances of excessive gas and carbon monoxide alarms, more focus and action should be paid to discovering potential safety loopholes and preventing accidents from happening especially in the fourth quarter, officials said during the meeting.

The four quarter is usually a period of strong demand and crucial for miners to deliver their whole-year production goals.

Relevant authorities of all cities and lower levels are required to conduct in-depth analysis and assessments of accidents over the next two months in history and enhance inspections over mining beyond approved capacity and personnel and construction while operating.