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Judge revives Obama-era ban on coal sales from US lands

“A federal judge on Friday reinstated a moratorium on coal leasing from federal lands that was imposed under former President Barack Obama and then scuttled under former President Donald Trump, in an order that marked a major setback to the already struggling coal industry.”

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1 thought on “Judge revives Obama-era ban on coal sales from US lands”

  1. My interpretation so far is that new leases (not “sales”) will not be permitted on federal lands. This is related to Bureau of Land Management (BLM) lands in the western USA where coal producers have to lease the property from the BLM in order to mine coal on them. Most of the PRB is leased from the BLM. I don’t think any producer is negatively impacted by this because none of the PRB miners have current expansion plans which would require a new BLM lease.

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