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China’s first molten salt heat storage coupled coal power project starts construction

According to the National Energy Voice, recently, the National Energy Group’s “Research and Demonstration Application of Key Technologies for Coal Power Flexibility Based on Molten Salt Heat Storage” project of the National Energy Group successfully held a groundbreaking ceremony. It is the country’s first GWh molten salt heat storage coupled coal power unit. The construction of the thermoelectric decoupling project officially kicked off.

The National Energy Group proposed at the 2024 work conference to reshape a new comprehensive modern industrial development pattern of “coal, wind, solar, water, oil, gas, hydrogen and nuclear and other energy spectrum + logistics and trade financial support + industry, research and application integration”.

Based on the characteristics of my country’s energy structure, coal power still plays an important role in ensuring power security. The implementation of “coal power + heat storage” to improve the regulation capacity of coal power will play a positive role in deepening the flexibility transformation of coal power and promoting the construction of new power systems.

The GWh-level molten salt heat storage coupled coal power unit thermoelectric decoupling project is implemented by the National Energy Group Anhui Company and developed by the New Energy Research Institute. It is a typical case of the integration of industry, research and application of the National Energy Group.

The deep coupling between molten salt heat storage technology and the unit can realize thermoelectric decoupling and solve the key issues of peak load regulation and heat supply guarantee of the unit. Currently, the National Energy Group is conducting application research on the flexibility transformation of molten salt heat storage technology coupled with coal power units in Suzhou, Longshan, Changchun and other places. It adopts a flexible deployment strategy of “one factory, one policy” and designs multiple lines for different application scenarios. The technical route will give full play to the advantages of top-level design, continue to help the group’s clean energy structure transformation, and promote the achievement of many “firsts”.

This project is a science and technology demonstration project of the National Energy Group and is listed as a technological innovation project by the Anhui Provincial Energy Bureau. It is also the country’s first GWh molten salt heat storage coupled coal power unit project. As the implementation unit, the Anhui Company of the National Energy Group actively strives for policy support. The New Energy Research Institute serves as the technology research and development unit for the project. It adopts a high and low temperature dual-tank molten salt energy storage system and utilizes extraction steam from coal-fired units to heat molten salt technology to meet the needs of heating units. Thermoelectric decoupling and deep peak shaving operation flexibility requirements. This project achieves thermal and electrical decoupling through scientific research and development of molten salt heat storage coupling coal power unit technology, which can effectively solve the current situation of difficulty in providing heat and power supply for the Suzhou power plant unit of Anhui Company, improve Anhui Company’s technological innovation and development capabilities, and enhance the core competitiveness of the company. and core functions, laying a solid foundation for enhancing the competitiveness and influence of the group company in the Yangtze River Delta region.

As of the end of 2023, my country’s coal-fired power generation installed capacity will be 1.16 billion kilowatts. The successful application of molten salt heat storage technology in coal power units has important demonstration significance for improving new energy consumption capabilities and supporting the construction of new power systems. At the same time, it promotes the transformation of coal power units into supportive and regulating power sources in new power systems, and promotes Coal-fired power plants have gradually transformed from the main body of electricity supply to the main body of power supply.

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