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Vietnam Coal Production down 3.32% in 2023

The latest data from the Vietnam National Statistics Office (GSO) shows that in December 2023, Vietnam’s coal production fell for the second consecutive month, falling to less than 4 million tons; at the same time, the full-year coal production in 2023 fell by more than 3% year-on-year.  

Data show that in December, Vietnam’s coal output was 3.4279 million tons, a decrease of 12.21% from 3.9048 million tons in the same period last year, and a decrease of 16.68% from 4.1139 million tons in the previous month.    

For the whole year of 2023, Vietnam produced a total of 48.1787 million tons of coal, a decrease of 3.32% from 49.8324 million tons in 2022, and a decrease of 0.76 percentage points from the previous 11 months.  

Data show that in January 2024, Vietnam’s estimated coal output is 3.7438 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 15.5% and a month-on-month increase of 9.22%.   Most of the coal produced in Vietnam is supplied to local power, cement and other industries.