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Summary of Chinese Coal Imports for February 2024

Chinese Thermal Coal Imports – February 2024

In February 2024, the total quantity of Chinese thermal coal imported by the listed countries was 12,568,590 MT, valued at $1,230,774,451 USD. The average price across all countries was $97.92/MT. The largest importer was Australia, with 480,371 MT, followed by Indonesia and Russia with 4,556,261 MT and 2,507,004 MT, respectively. Mongolia, Canada, South Africa, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tanzania, and Iran are also listed, with imports ranging from 163,296 MT for Canada to 0 MT for Tanzania.

Comparing these figures with February 2023, there was a noticeable increase in total imports year-over-year, from 7.88 mmt in February 2023 to 12.57 mmt in February 2024, representing a 59.4% increase. The total value of imports also increased by 10.8% from $1.11 Billion USD in 2023 to $1.23 Billion USD in 2024. However, the average price per MT decreased by 30.5%, from $140.94/MT in February 2023 to $97.92/MT in February 2024.

The data suggests significant shifts in the thermal coal market, with substantial increases in both quantity and total value of imports, but a sharp decrease in the average price per MT. The reason for these changes is not provided but could be due to fluctuations in global markets, changes in production or consumption, or other economic factors.

Chinese Metallurgical Coal Imports – February 2024

In February 2024, the total quantity of Chinese metallurgical coal imported by the listed countries was 7.87 mmt, with a total CIF value of $1.39 Billion and an average price of $176.08/MT. Mongolia was the largest importer, with 3.81 mmt valued at $543 million, and an average price of $142.32/MT. Other notable importers include Russia, the U.S.A., Canada, and Australia with import quantities of 1.93 mmt, 0.94 mmt, 0.58 mmt and 0.38 mmt, respectively.

Comparing the figures from February 2023, there was an increase in the total quantity imported, from 6.91 mmt to 7.87 mmt, which is an increase of 13.9%. The total CIF value also increased from $1.37 billion in February 2023 to $1.39 billion in February 2024, marking an increase of 1.5%. The average price per MT decreased by 10.8%, from $197.51 in February 2023 to $176.08 in February 2024.

The most significant changes in quantity were seen in Australia with a 420.5% increase, Ukraine with a 245.5% increase, and the U.S.A. with a 204.6% increase in the quantity of metallurgical coal imported. Conversely, Indonesia saw a significant decrease of 68.1%.

These statistics indicate a mixed trend in the metallurgical coal market, with some countries increasing their imports significantly, while others decreased. The overall increase in quantity and CIF value, alongside a decrease in average price, could be influenced by various factors, including changes in global supply and demand, market prices, and international trade policies.

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