The Coal Trader

Russia’s Coal Output down 1.26% in 2023

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak wrote in an article for Energy Policy magazine that by the end of 2023, Russia’s coal production was 438 million tons, and exports were approximately 213 million tons.  

Novak previously cited an estimate according to which Russia’s coal production in 2022 was 444 million tons and exports were 211 million tons.   Accordingly, Russian coal production fell by 1.26% year-on-year in 2023, while exports increased by 1%.  

In 2023, Russia increased coal exports to China, India and BRICS countries. “Compared with last year, coal exports to China increased by nearly 52% in 2023, and coal exports to India increased by 43%. Exports to BRICS countries increased by approximately 46%.” Novak said.  

It is said that the Russian government and coal companies are working to further shift Russian coal exports to Asia-Pacific countries. To this end, more coal mines are being developed in the east, and rail and port infrastructure is being upgraded.  

In addition, Novak noted that coal continues to be shipped through Western ports to consumers in African, Middle Eastern, Atlantic and Asia-Pacific countries.