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Russia March seaborne coal exports down 8.1% MoM

Russia’s seaborne coal exports declined 8.11% month on month to 10.86 million tonnes in March 2024, according to Kpler’s cargo-tracking data.

The volume was also 29.81% lower compared with the same month in the preceding year, the data showed.

The notable declines were mainly attributed to the imposition of sanctions from the U.S. and other western countries against Russia. Meanwhile, Russia’s reintroduction of coal export tariffs also posed challenge on the country’s coal exports.

Shipments to top destination China’s mainland stood at 3.19 million tonnes in March, decreasing 21.09% month on month, still much lower than the lowest level in December 2023.

The tonnage, representing 29% of Russia’s total seaborne coal exports,  was also 52.48% lower than the year-ago level.

Turkey came as the second-largest destination, with shipments at 1.44 million tonnes, falling 6.55% from the month-ago level and 15.77% from a year ago, data showed.

Shipments to India were registered at 1.1 million tonnes, down 30.97% month on month and 54.51% year on year.

Russia delivered 857,300 tonnes of coal to South Korea in the same month, decreasing 36.61% from the previous month and slumping 61.18% from the year-ago level. Shipments to China’s Taiwan rose 8.94% from February to 822,600 tonnes, which was 67.19% higher from the same month last year.

Over the first three months of 2024, Russia’s total seaborne coal exports reached 33.22 million tonnes, down 21.57% year on year. Shipments to China reduced 37.81% on the year to 10.26 million tonnes, accounting for a share of 27.82%.

Source: Sxcoal, Kpler