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Russia boosts coal exports to China in 2023

In 2023, Russia ramped up coal supplies to China almost 1.5 times to all-time high of more than 100 million tons, which became possible due to deepening cooperation between the countries in the energy sector.

According to preliminary estimates, exports of Russian material to China totaled 104 mio t (+27.2 mio t or +42.8% y-o-y).


Meanwhile, China increased coal imports in 2023 at a record pace to 416 mio t  (+122 mio t or +41.9% y-o-y), resulting in Russia’s share remaining at 25%. However, China’s share in Russian exports surged from 32.4% to 48.4%.

The export growth was also driven by redirection of supplies eastwards and the development of the Eastern Range. Exports to China via border crossings jumped two-fold to 13.5 mio t (+7.3 mio t y-o-y).

In 2023, the total throughput capacity of the Eastern Range amounted to 173 mio t (+15 mio t y-o-y), and in 2024 the figure is expected to reach 180 mio t, however, coal demand is still twice as high as the capacity of the railway infrastructure, while constraining factors such as the tightening tariff policy and reduction of quotas by Russian Railways still remain.