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Risun Group successfully obtained an export license to begin shipping high-quality coke from Indonesia

According to Risun Group news, on November 24, 2023, Risun Weishan New Energy (Indonesia) Co., Ltd. invested and established by Risun Group in the IMIP Industrial Park in Sulawesi, Indonesia, officially obtained an export license from the relevant Indonesian government departments. certificate.

Then, at 6:00 on November 27, 2023, as the Jinhang Fuzhan successfully docked at the Labota terminal, the first ship of 20,000 tons of coke exported by Xuyang Weishan began loading operations. This ship of coke was sold to Tata Steel, one of the largest steel mills in India, through Trafigura Group, the strategic partner of Risun Group, and successfully opened the export of Indonesia’s Risun Weishan coking project with an annual output of 4.8 million tons.

In the future, ships from customers in Turkey, Australia, India, Vietnam, Malaysia and other countries will gradually arrive at the Labota Terminal in Sulawesi, and Xuyang Weishan’s coke products will also be shipped to steel plants, alloy plants, and metal plants around the world. Factories, chemical plants and other end users.

Xuyang Weishan is the first overseas physical manufacturing park invested and constructed by Xuyang Group in response to the Chinese government’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative. So far, two coke ovens with a coke production capacity of 1.6 million tons/year have been put into operation, and the remaining coke ovens will also be put into operation. With the support and expectations of the governments and people of the two countries, it has been put into production one after another. At the same time, the submission of the project’s 2024 export license quota has also been initiated to ensure that the project can provide continuous high-quality products and excellent services to customers around the world.