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Met Coke Prices Expected to Drop

The coke market is operating weakly. The maintenance of blast furnaces in steel plants is just in need of suppression. The arrival of goods on the site is still surging. There are many steel plants with limited capacity. Due to losses on the supply side, some coke companies in the northwest region have begun to reduce their loads appropriately. There is a phenomenon of overstocking, and some coke companies have over-priced phenomena. In the short term, against the background of continued weakening of raw material costs, coke is still expected to fall. In the later period, we will pay attention to the production changes of raw coal and supply and demand.

A certain coking company in Shanxi said that I have no inventory here. They are all steel plants in Tangshan, and the output is low. The turnaround is now 30 hours. The new coke oven will be put into operation in one month. The second coke oven is expected to be at the end of January. There will definitely be two rounds of coke. .

A certain coking chemical company in Shanxi said that the operation is at 65%, and recently it has reduced production a little. Now the coking coal is 5 days old. It doesn’t matter whether you buy it or not. It is now losing 170 yuan. The second round of losses is more. There is no coke in stock. I use part of it myself and take out part.

A coking plant in Wuhai said that the inventory used to be 30,000 tons, but now it is 10,000 tons. The queues of cars outside are full. The specific reasons for sales are clear. The coking coal has been in stock for more than a day . It will buy it when the price of coking coal drops. It is expected to buy some tomorrow.

  A steel mill in the northwest said that it has stopped producing a 1580 blast furnace for a month. Now it produces 950 tons of coke a day, which is enough to buy. The coke stock is now 5 days. There is no need to worry about such a small amount, and it does not matter whether the market goes up or down. Now I am losing 300 yuan. Thread inventory is 60,000 tons.