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JSW Steel to Boost Production with new Blast Furnace at Dolvi Mill

Mumbai, India – JSW Steel Limited, the flagship business of the diversified Indian conglomerate JSW Group, is making strides in the steel production industry with its announcement of commissioning a new blast furnace at the Dolvi steel mill by March 2026. This strategic move is not only a leap in the company’s production capabilities but also a significant step towards more sustainable manufacturing processes.

The new blast furnace, with a capacity to produce 4.5 million metric tons (mt) of steel per year, is set to augment the Dolvi mill’s crude steel output by an impressive 45 percent. This will take the production from the current 10 million mt to an estimated 14.5 million mt. The expansion aligns with JSW Steel’s broader growth plans in India, aiming to elevate its annual steel production from about 27.7 million mt to 37 million mt by 2026.

The Dolvi steel mill, located in Maharashtra, is one of JSW Steel’s key production sites. Operational since 1994, the mill has undergone several upgrades to embrace cutting-edge technologies. The upcoming blast furnace promises to be a paragon of innovation, incorporating the latest advancements with an emphasis on ecological sustainability. Constructed by the SMS Group, renowned for their industrial engineering prowess, the furnace will feature green technology designed to minimize the carbon footprint—an increasingly critical goal in heavy industries.

JSW Steel’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its recent endeavors. Alongside the Dolvi mill expansion, the company has embarked on a greenfield project in Paradip, Odisha. This new steel mill is projected to have an annual capacity of 13.2 million mt and involves an investment of around $7.8 billion. It marks a significant milestone in JSW Steel’s journey to become a more dominant player in the global steel industry.

The Dolvi plant’s strategic coastal location is advantageous for import and export activities, which has been a factor in its selection for the new blast furnace. The facility encompasses a wide range of production capabilities, including a sinter plant, coke ovens, and a hot strip mill. JSW Steel has been actively pursuing a low-cost manufacturing strategy, and the Dolvi mill is pivotal in achieving this through its access to port facilities, efficient logistics, and raw material handling systems.

Upon the completion of the new blast furnace, the Dolvi site is expected to bolster JSW Steel’s market position. This development is particularly significant in the context of India’s rapidly growing infrastructure needs and the central government’s push for a self-reliant economy under the ‘Make in India’ initiative.

Investors and environmentalists alike are watching JSW Steel’s progress with keen interest, as the company attempts to balance the scales of industrial growth and environmental stewardship. With its progressive outlook and continuous innovation, JSW Steel is not only redefining its operational excellence but also showcasing how Indian manufacturing can lead on the world stage with a commitment to sustainability.

Source: TheCoalTrader