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India’s Coal-Powered Energy Generation jumps 10.13% in Apr-Dec 2023

India has witnessed a remarkable surge in coal-based power generation, with a growth of 10.13% during April to December 2023 compared to the same period in the previous year, against the backdrop of an overall power generation increase of 6.71%.

According to the ministry of coal, the domestic coal-based power generation hit 872 Billion Units (BU) in the April-December period of 2023, up by 7.14% from the 813.9 Billion Units generated during the corresponding period last year. This uptick is a clear indicator of sufficient coal supply catering to the rising energy requirements of the nation. In a significant shift, the country has reduced its coal import for blending by a drastic 40.66%, bringing it down to 17.08 Million Tonnes (MT) during the said period from 28.78 MT in the previous year.

This reduction, despite the increasing demand for power, is a testament to India’s stride towards self-reliance in coal production and reducing dependency on imported coal. Coal continues to be the major powerhouse for India, contributing over 70% to the total energy generation which comprises both conventional (thermal, nuclear, and hydro) and renewable (wind, solar, biomass, etc.) sources.

The substantial increase in coal-based power generation plays a pivotal role in meeting the country’s escalating energy demands, propelled by industrial growth, technological progress, population growth, and economic development.

In response to these increasing demands, the government maintains its focus on augmenting coal production. The aim is to bolster availability and minimize reliance on imported coal, a move that is expected to fortify India’s foreign reserves and strengthen energy security.