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India seeks to achieve 1.4 billion tons of coal production by 2027

According to foreign media reports, on November 13, India’s Federal Ministry of Coal announced that it plans to achieve an all-India coal output of 1.404 billion tons by 2027, and further increase to 1.577 billion tons by 2030.

At present, India’s annual coal production is about 1 billion tons. The increase is aimed at ensuring adequate domestic coal supply for India’s thermal power plants, which is crucial for the country’s growing energy needs.

The Ministry of Coal of India also stated that since October 16 this year, coal inventory in thermal power plants in India has continued to accumulate, and the current inventory in power plants has reached more than 20 million tons. At the same time, India’s coal mine pit inventory has reached 41.59 million tons, and the total inventory including self-owned coal mines and coal in transit is 73.56 million tons, an increase of 12% from 65.56 million tons in the same period last year.

“India’s coal supply to domestic coal-fired power plants this year is approximately 821 million tons.” The ministry said it is currently preparing for an expected surge in coal demand. It is expected that India’s coal demand will reach about 400 million tons to support the country’s The goal is to add 80,000 megawatts of thermal power installed capacity by 2030. However, the actual increase may be adjusted based on actual future power generation demand and the increase in renewable energy.

To achieve this production target, India’s coal ministry is planning to build new mines, expand existing mines and utilize owned and commercial mines. The ministry expects India’s production plans for 2027 and 2030 to far exceed potential demand from domestic thermal power plants, including possible additional generation capacity. Coal, electricity and railway departments will step up cooperation to ensure a stable supply of coal.