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Gas accident in Pingmei coal mine kills 13 people

Pingmei Co., Ltd. announced on January 14 that a coal and gas outburst accident occurred during the production process at its subsidiary No. 12 Mine at about 14:51 on January 12, 2024.

So far, after all-out search, rescue and verification, it has been determined that 13 people were killed in the accident and 3 people are missing. The missing people are still being searched and rescued, and rescue and rescue operations are still in progress.

Pingmei Co., Ltd. said that after the accident, the company immediately reported it to the relevant government departments and launched an emergency rescue plan for safety accidents.

In view of the current severe production safety situation, and to ensure production safety during the Spring Festival, Pingmei Co., Ltd. requires its subordinate high-gas mines, coal and gas outburst mines (a total of 13 pairs of mines) to immediately suspend work and production. First, immediately organize the above-mentioned mines to carry out special safety risk management Identify and evaluate, check for leaks and fill in the gaps, improve the list of major safety risks, formulate corresponding control measures and strictly implement them; secondly, immediately organize and carry out accident hazard investigation, conduct accident hazard investigation with full coverage from top to bottom, and establish a list of the problems and hidden dangers discovered , rectification within a time limit, and only after the rectification is completed and passed the acceptance inspection can the work and production be resumed.

According to the latest news released by Pingdingshan, after the accident, the main leaders of the Henan Provincial Party Committee issued instructions. The main leaders and leaders of the provincial government led the Provincial Emergency Department, the Department of Industry and Information Technology, and the Henan Bureau of the National Mining Bureau to conduct on-site command and dispatch, and established an on-site rescue headquarters. .

The Pingdingshan Emergency Management Bureau stated that the next step will be to learn lessons from the accident, resolutely implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important expositions on production safety, and do a good job in production safety strictly and practically.

First, for the missing people, under the guidance of experts, we will formulate specific rescue plans and carry out full-scale rescue. Second, organize a special class to properly handle the aftermath. Third, draw inferences from one example and conduct a comprehensive investigation on production safety in the city. Fourth, cooperate seriously with the accident investigation.

According to this website, on January 13, the Pingdingshan Emergency Management Bureau issued an emergency notice, requiring the city’s high-gas coal mines and Meiyou gas outburst mines to immediately stop work and production, withdraw underground workers, carry out risk identification and hidden danger investigation and management, and resume work and review Time awaiting further notice.