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Drummond Colombia Coal Output Rose 7.1% in 2023

Coal production from miner Drummond’s Colombia operations rose 7.1% in 2023 to 29.5 million metric tons, while exports declined by 2.6% to 27 million tons, the company said on Tuesday.

Drummond produced 27.6 million tons of coal in 2022 and exported 27.7 million tons.

“The figures show that international demand for thermal coal continues to be very important, because it’s a reliable source of energy,” Jose Miguel Linares, president of Drummond’s Colombia operations, said in a statement.

“Countries continue to complement their energy matrix or basket with different alternatives that allow them greater independence and sovereignty.”

Coal is the second-greatest source of income for Colombia, behind oil, through exports, taxes and royalties.

The government of leftist President Gustavo Petro is promoting a transition to cleaner and renewable energy sources to wean the Andean country from its dependence on oil and coal.