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CSX Loads its First Coal Train at Itmann

For the first time ever, CSX has loaded a coal train at Itmann in Wyoming County.

CSX coal hopper empties from Quinnimont climbed up the Piney Creek branch from Prince to Itmann on Wednesday to load coal.

What is unique about this is that CSX had to traverse over Norfolk Southern trackage from Pemberton to Itmann to get to the coal load out. This has never been done before on this specific line.

Norfolk Southern also loads out at Itmann. Increased demand in coal has resulted in more coal trains throughout West Virginia overall.

The Itmann preparation plant itself is fairly new as it was commissioned by CONSOL Energy in September of 2022.

CONSOL Energy stated in October of 2022 that the Itmann No. 5 mine is projected to produce approximately 900 thousand tons per annum of premium, low-vol metallurgical coking coal and is expected to serve both domestic and international steel markets.

The preparation plant has the processing capacity of approximately double the output of the Itmann Mine, which provides additional upside for third party processing and blending.

Sources tell LOOTPRESS that CSX will continue to load coal at Itmann if all runs smoothly.