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Construction of Shanxi-Shaanxi-Mongolia Coal Railway in full swing

According to Xinzhou Daily, the construction of the Xingbao Railway double-tracking project is currently being stepped up. At the construction site in Baode County, Shanxi Province, various construction projects are in progress.

Public information shows that the Xingbao Railway Double Track Project is a key project in Shanxi Province to strengthen inter-regional infrastructure connectivity and improve coal transportation capabilities. It is an important rear passage connecting the Fenghong Section of the Shenwa Railway (Fengjiachuan-Hongliulin).

The double-track project consists of railway engineering, coal storage and transportation engineering and supporting road projects. The double-track railway connects from Wati Railway Watang Station and runs northwest through Xingxian County, Luliang City to Fengjiachuan Township, Baode County, Xinzhou City. 21.8 kilometers of new lines were built, of which 7.8 kilometers were in Xing County and 14 kilometers were in Baode County. A second set of train loop lines was built; the coal storage and transportation project added 2 coal receiving areas and 10 coal storage sheds, etc., and the annual coal Capacity 40 million tons. The railway project is designed and constructed according to double-track electrified railway standards, and the coal storage, transportation and loading system is designed and constructed according to environmental protection and automation standards.

The total investment in the project is 6.13 billion yuan and will be completed in two phases. The first phase is the railway and storage and transportation phase III (Western District) project, with an investment of 3.25 billion yuan. After completion, the railway transportation capacity will reach 130 million tons/year, and the coal storage and transportation capacity will reach 70 million tons/year. The project has started construction in November 2022. It is planned that the storage, transportation and loading project will be put into operation in June 2024, and the railway will be completed and opened to traffic in September 2025. The second phase is the fourth phase (Eastern District) coal storage project and access road, with an investment of 2.88 billion yuan. After completion, the coal storage and transportation capacity will reach 90 million tons/year.

It is reported that all 280 pile foundations of the Anjiashan River Bridge in the East Yard of the Baode Section of the double-track project have been completed, and all 19 caps have been completed. The control node main piers No. 7 and 8 with heights of 82 meters and 83.5 meters respectively have been capped successfully. 119 of the 136 pile foundations of the Wujiagou Bridge have been completed, and the main pier No. 6 of the control node with a height of 75 meters has been capped successfully. The 811-meter-long Fengjiachuan No. 3 Tunnel has been excavated for 357.6 meters.

Relevant personnel from Baode County Development and Reform Bureau said that after the project is completed and put into operation, the Xingbao Railway can transport 50 million tons of coal annually, which will effectively boost the coal output of Hebaopian, Shendong and Fugu coal-producing bases, and drive local economic development. The construction of the project is of great significance to improving the Xingbao Railway transportation capacity, improving the Wari Railway Consolidation System, and supporting the national strategy of “Transporting Coal from the West to the East”.

The Xingxian to Baode local railway in Shanxi Province (referred to as the Xingbao Railway) is a national railway I jointly funded and constructed by Shide Group Co., Ltd., Huayang New Material Technology Group Co., Ltd., Taiyuan Railway Bureau and Beijing Xida Investment Co., Ltd. Level electrified 10,000-ton heavy-haul railway. The starting station of Xingbao Railway is connected with Watang Station of Wari Railway, and the terminal station is Fengjiachuan Station in Baode County. The total length of the line is 18.2 kilometers. The Xingbao Railway is located at the core of the coal resource areas of Shanxi, Shaanxi and Mongolia, and is the main transportation channel for coal export in Shanxi, Shaanxi and Mongolia.

The Xingbao Railway project is divided into three parts: railway, storage and transportation system, and external power. The total investment is about 3 billion yuan. Construction officially started on March 19, 2013, and was officially put into operation on May 28, 2017.

In order to meet the needs of its own development and Fenghong Railway throughput, in 2022, the company expects to invest approximately 4 billion yuan in the new Xingbao Railway double track and the third phase of the coal storage and transportation system.