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Cokal, PT Petrindo Team Up to Improve Coal Transport Infrastructure

Cokal has announced a new partnership with Indonesian coal firm PT Petrindo Jaya Kreasi to jointly develop and enhance transport infrastructure for coal logistics. This collaboration aims to upgrade and expand the efficiency of coal transportation systems, particularly at the Bumi Barito Mineral (BBM) metallurgical coal mine in Indonesia, which Cokal partly owns.

The joint venture will focus on upgrading an existing haul road along the Barito River and constructing a new haul road to be managed by PT Petrindo. Additionally, the partnership will explore other infrastructure development opportunities in the upper Barito River area.

As part of the agreement, Cokal will also gain access to PT Petrindo’s intermediate coal stockpile facilities, which will aid in the storage and delivery of coal products. Furthermore, the deal includes the use of Cokal’s Batu Tuhup Jetty, enhancing the company’s logistics capabilities from mine to market.

Karan Bangur, Managing Director and CEO of Cokal, expressed optimism about the venture, noting that the company’s recent successes in mining and transporting metallurgical coal have paved the way for scaling operations. Bangur highlighted the strategic importance of this partnership in creating a high-capacity, seamless logistics chain to handle increased volumes of coal destined for global markets.

The partnership is timely as Cokal has recently completed significant deliveries, including 7,500 tonnes of coking coal and 3,850 tonnes of thermal coal to PT Kinrui Energy, one of Indonesia’s largest coal producers.

The collaboration underscores a significant step in Cokal’s ongoing efforts to enhance its operational efficiencies and market reach. The company, which owns 60% of the BBM mine with the Indonesian government holding the remaining 40%, is set to solidify its position in the coal industry through these strategic infrastructure developments.

Source: Australian Mining