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Canada’s NDP Proposes Ban on Thermal Coal Exports

Canada’s New Democratic Party (NDP) is reigniting the debate over thermal coal exports by introducing a bill to ban them completely by 2030. This follows previous attempts, notably the Liberal Party’s campaign promise in 2021 that has yet to materialize.

Key points:

  • Bill proposal: NDP MP Laurel Collins introduces a bill to ban all thermal coal exports by 2030.
  • Previous promises: Both the NDP and Liberals expressed support for the ban, but no action has been taken yet.
  • Current situation: No law restricts thermal coal exports in Canada.
  • Economic impact: The ban would likely affect coal-producing communities in British Columbia, Alberta, and Montana (US).

Production and exports:

  • Canadian thermal coal production has increased with mines like Coalspur’s Vista Project and Westmoreland’s Coal Valley.
  • Exports in 2023 reached 38.7 million tonnes, with 19.5 million tonnes (38%) being thermal coal.
  • 11.1 million tonnes of US thermal coal were also exported through Canadian ports in 2023.

Controversy and uncertainty:

  • The ban faces potential opposition due to economic concerns in affected regions.
  • Success of the bill is uncertain, given the NDP’s minority position in parliament.

This article summarizes the key points of the proposed ban and highlights the potential economic and political ramifications. It remains to be seen whether the bill will gain traction and ultimately lead to a change in Canada’s thermal coal export policy.