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BHP Seeks Extension to Close Mount Arthur Coal Mine by 2030

BHP Group Limited (BHP) has submitted an application to the New South Wales (NSW) government to extend the mining approval for its Mount Arthur open-cut coal mine until June 2030. This extension is a key step in BHP’s plan to close the mine by that date.

Planned Closure and Extension Request:

  • BHP aims to cease mining operations at Mount Arthur entirely by June 2030.
  • To achieve this goal, they require an extension of their current mining approval, which expires in June 2026.
  • The application for this extension was submitted to the NSW government.
  • The public will have a chance to review the application details in November 2023.
  • A decision on the extension is expected during the fiscal year ending June 2024 (FY2024).

Mount Arthur Coal Mine:

  • Located in the Hunter Valley region of NSW, Australia.
  • Large-scale export-oriented thermal coal mine.
  • Wholly owned and operated by BHP.
  • Produced 14.172 million tonnes of thermal coal in FY2023 (ending June 2023).

Production Forecast and Wind-Down:

  • BHP anticipates thermal coal production at Mount Arthur to be between 13 million and 15 million tonnes in FY2024.
  • They currently expect production to be closer to the upper limit of that range.
  • BHP plans to gradually reduce coal production at Mount Arthur until the mine reaches depletion and closure in 2030.

Post-Closure Plans:

  • BHP intends to repurpose the empty land at the mine site into “sustainable land” after closure.
  • The company will hold regular meetings with local communities to discuss and develop these land reuse plans.

Key Takeaways:

BHP’s application to extend the Mount Arthur mining approval signifies their commitment to a responsible closure of the mine by 2030. The planned staged wind-down of production and focus on sustainable land reuse reflect BHP’s efforts to minimize disruption and leave a positive legacy for the local community. Public input and ongoing engagement with stakeholders will be crucial as BHP finalizes its post-closure plans.

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