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Bathurst Resources Gears Up for Coking Coal Production in Canada’s Telkwa Region

Australian miner Bathurst Resources Limited is ramping up its coking coal operations in Canada, with significant developments planned for the Tenas Coking Coal Project located in British Columbia (BC).

Tenas Project Details:

  • Production Target: 750,000 tonnes of saleable coal per annum (commencing in FY2025/26).
  • Project Goal: Develop the Telkwa Metallurgical Coal Complex, targeting previously unexplored areas in the Telkwa region.
  • Target Market: Export metallurgical coal to Asian markets, with a focus on Japan.
  • Coal Type: MV (medium volatile) semi-soft coking coal and MV PCI coal.
  • Mine Life: Expected to be 22 years.
  • Initial Mining Area: Tenas mining area, with a maximum production capacity of 1.35 million tonnes per annum (Mtpa) of saleable coal for 14 years and 4 months.

Tenas Project in Context:

The Telkwa Metallurgical Coal Complex encompasses multiple mining areas, with Tenas being the first to see development. Bathurst Resources aims to eventually exploit the entire complex, potentially leading to a total production exceeding 1.35 Mtpa.

Bathurst Resources’ Existing Operations:

While Tenas represents a new chapter in Bathurst’s coking coal production, the company already boasts a successful coal business in New Zealand:

  • Stockton Coal Mine: An export-oriented metallurgical coal mine located on the South Island.
  • Thermal Coal Mines: Two mines focused on supplying the domestic market, one on the North Island and another on the South Island.
  • Ownership: Bathurst holds a 65% stake in each of the export-oriented and North Island domestic thermal coal mines, while fully owning the South Island domestic thermal mine.

Performance Highlights:

Stockton Coal Mine, Bathurst’s existing metallurgical coal operation, has seen impressive growth:

  • FY2022/23 Production: 1.042 million tonnes of metallurgical coal (up 129,000 tonnes or 14.1% from the previous year).
  • FY2022/23 Sales: 1.197 million tonnes (up 174,000 tonnes or 17.0% from the previous year).

Looking Ahead:

The Tenas Coking Coal Project signifies Bathurst Resources’ expansion into coking coal production in Canada. With a sizeable production target and a focus on high-quality MV coking coal, the project positions Bathurst to become a key player in the Asian coking coal market. The company’s proven success in managing its New Zealand coal mines bodes well for the future of the Tenas project.

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